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Private report review page created for Musicollabo

Buzz Campaign: MUSICOLLABO
Market: Indio, CA; Auburn, AL
Tactic: Street Teams for Direct Consumer Engagement
April, 2017 - The campaign to create a buzz, and a greater awareness for the "MUSICOLLABO" collaborative platforms has been successfully executed at Coachella, and at Music & Miracles Superfest. 

Promotional Staff was typically greeted enthusiastically by attendees, and music enthusiasts, receiving a positive response overall!  The team has estimated that they had engaged between 250-350 consumers, at each event.

Various comments from attendees are below:

01. "Very cool! Wow, and it's free?"
02. "That's so cool, is it really free?"
03. "Awesome new way to create music!"
04. "Online mixing? Super tech-savvy!"
05. "Will check this out, thanks!"
06. "Online collaboration is rockin'!"
07. "I think my friend was talking about this before"
08. "I'm actually a DJ, I need something just like this"
09. "Love that we could directly publish it onto YouTube!"
10. "Sounds really interesting, I'll definitely check it out!"
11. "Social networks like this will make it easy for producers and talent!"
12. "I love how this generation puts tech and music together in so many ways."
13. "So is it exactly music in real time? Oh, that's really cool!"
14. "I was in a band and I have alot of friends that would use this. I'll be sure to pass this on."
15. "Oh wow, is this new? I've never heard of this, but I'll be sure to check this out!"
16. "I make music all the time, and always looking for something new and innovative."
17. "I love the name! It's catchy! It's free? Whaaaat? That's so cool!"
18. "I've never heard of Musicollabo but, I definitely will check it out!"
19. "It's pretty cool they have the different sites for the genres."
20. "The feature of real time recording with friends is neat!"

In closing, we feel that this campaign was well received by the target audience.

Photos below:

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