Since 2004 Street Team Promotion has provided professional Brand Ambassadors and Promotional Staff to promote top brands and events across the United States.  We work with brands, large and small, to ignite a social influence that begins locally, reverberating regionally, advancing nationwide.  We have the talent to bring your next campaign to life.

Re-introduce your brand to consumers.

Posters, OOH, Wheatpaste

WoM statistic: 85% of word-of-mouth is face-to-face. Only 7% is online.

Street Team Promotion is the ‘last mile’ to the customer. We are Brand Storytellers.

Brand Ambassadors
Brand Ambassadors, Trade Show talent and Street Teams are available nationwide.

Outdoor Advertising
Street Team Promotion offers Poster Placement/OOH solutions in every major U.S. market.

Street Team® is a registered service mark of LLC